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      ∙ Fasteners
     ∙ Locking Accessories
     ∙ Pipe Fittings & Flanges  
    ∙ Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fittings
    ∙ Transmission Items
    ∙ Machine Tools
External Circlips, Internal Circlips
Incepted in 1971, Industrial Spares is a sterling company. We are a manufacturer, trader and exporter of industrial hardware like circlips, fasteners, pipe fittings, hydraulic and pneumatic fittings and industrial valves. The focal point of our business endeavors is to offer superior quality products that are precisely engineered and cost-effective. In order to achieve the same, our R&D team constantly engages in research to provide innovative products. Besides our strong infrastructure, our competent team, further enable us to operate smoothly. Our ability to customize products and deliver them on-time has made us a name to reckon with and enabled us to clinch many high profile clients
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